Shirt Stays

The quickest way you can improve your appearance TODAY. The elastic band clips from your socks to your shirt, so it stays tucked and uniform.


Shirt stays

Meet your new unfair advantagE


Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Sit. Now Stand. Congratulations! Your shirt is untucked. Fancy Boy Shirt Stays keep your shirt tucked in all day. Simple as that.

There’s nothing simpler than just keeping your shirt in your pants.


Moments that MAKE you

There are a handful of  moments that we’re expected to have it all together. Sometimes we have 6 seconds to stand up, shake a hand, and sell someone on us.


Eyes on you. Not your shirt

Appearance. Matters. Period. Go out and present who you are.


Sometimes getting ahead is

as simple as keeping

your DAMN shirt

tucked in






See why ours are better.