Premium shirt stays

Shirt Stays that ACTUALLY work

FancyBoys are the world’s first premium shirt stays that keep your shirt tucked in ALL DAY! Here’s how.

Shirt stays sitting down


The thin, lay-flat design, means FancyBoys are discrete. Once they’re on, you’ll barely notice them. And no one else will either, unless they’re IN your pants.

shirt stays - hidden


[SERIOUS] After 5 minutes, you won’t feel them there. FancyBoys are made from premium low-friction fabric that provides plenty of stretch to move with you. And they won’t pull leg hair. Ultra-comfortable and long lasting.

shirt stay adjuster


Size matters and lucky for you FancyBoys are one size fits all and adjustable. Some will find they like to wear them tight for that pressed, freshly ironed look while others will prefer a more relaxed fit.

shirt stay clip


FancyBoys hold with soft grips that easily attach. We spent a lot of time to find the perfect grips that hold securely and wont fall off while you're wearing them.

Shirt stays sitting down


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