Wearing Shirt Stays & Sitting on the Throne

Sitting down with Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays are made from soft elastic and move with you throughout the day. When you sit, they run along the inside of your pants. No one will notice and you’ll be confident you’ll look great when you stand back up. 


Answering natures call

When you got to go, you got to go. Here are some highly filtered photos with directions on using the loo while wearing Shirt Stays – don’t worry; these are safe to view while at work. 

Method 1 -  Just go. Shirt Stays run along the outside of your legs so they’ll be out of the way when sitting on the can. Just hang on to the back of your shirt! Shirt Stays may pull down your shirt tail and you don't want your shirt anywhere near the blast area. 

Using the Bathroom in Shirt Stays

Method 2 - Over the knees & out of the way. Pull the Shirt Stays over your knees so the elastic runs on the inside of your leg when you're sitting. This will help keep your shirt tail pulled up and out of the way.

Using the bathroom while wearing shirt stays

Method 3 - Detach the back grips. Simple as it sounds.  

I hope this alleviates any concerns you have of wearing Shirt Stays in any situation. Shoot us a message if you have any questions!