FancyBoy & Co's Premium Shirt Stays on Exceed Goal on Kickstarter

FancyBoy & Co’s Kickstarter Campaign Exceeds Goal to Keep Every Guy Looking Their Best.

The Kickstarter campaign to bring Premium Shirt Stays to production has amassed over twice its goal and keeps on going with weeks to go!

St. Louis, MO—Men's fashion accessories have been making a comeback in the last few years.  Shelves are stocked with bowties and other accouterments and firms like FancyBoy & Co. are able to provide the type of fun and utilitarian products to go with this trend.  The Shirt Stays now on Kickstarter are a stylish method of keeping shirts neatly tucked all day.  Shirt Stays attach at the shirt, and top of the socks so that the shirt is pulled tightly at all times.  Their model utilizes premium soft elastics that are comfortable to wear and will stretch to move with the body throughout the day.  The utilitarian feature of the Shirt Stay and the unique, stylish appeal of the product pushed the campaign into full funding before it even concluded. 

“We're very proud of what our campaign has accomplished and hope to continue to produce top quality men's accessories,” says Tom Eckard. “It's been a fun ride and always rewarding when people like and validate what you do.  The popularity of these items demonstrates to me that we have a good idea and we're also in touch with what people want.  That's fuel to keep going.”

FancyBoy & Co's campaign on Kickstarter is an opportunity to preorder their Signature Shirt Stays and support their first production order. The products are available in three patterns: Blue Pin Dot, Classic Prep Stripes, and Blue Gingham and make a great addition to a “fancy” wardrobe.  FancyBoy & Co’s Signature Shirt Stays are proudly made in the USA, using hardware and elastic from Rhode Island and will be manufactured in Connecticut.  With several weeks left on the Kickstarter campaign there's still time for people to purchase the Shirt Stays and get in on the trend before others can purchase them in stores.

“We're offering a unique product that's also stylish,” says Tom Eckard “People love being in on a trend first, so that accounts for some of Shirt Stays appeal, certainly.  However, if they didn't also work and weren't functional none of that would matter.  We've build a great, usable product.”

For more information or to preorder using Kickstarter, visit:

The Kickstarter Campaign is offering 3 designs for the initial production run.

The Kickstarter Campaign is offering 3 designs for the initial production run.