Presentation Matters

Our Story

The founder of FancyBoy and Co. was being yelled at one time by a very angry woman and was called a "Fancy boy". His friends thought that was hilarious and love to remind him often how “Fancy” he is.

FancyBoy was originally introduced to shirt stays in high school when he was on the JROTC drill team. The guys on the team would wear them to keep shirts tucked in, neat and pressed during performances and inspections.

FancyBoy Drill Team

After college FancyBoy was in pharmaceutical sales and made several presentations per day to doctors and their staff. It was important that he looked sharp and put together.  The frustration of getting in and out of a car made him look for a solution. That’s when he dug into the back of his closet to pull out his old shirt stays. They worked great but were cheap, falling apart and didn’t always hold onto his shirt and socks. That’s when Fancy boy thought he could do better.

He did better. Better elastic, better grips, better construction and new designs.  

You now have Premium Shirt Stays - FancyBoy & Co's. Signature Shirt Stays.

We launched our business on Kickstarter and raised more that 350% of our goal. 

FancyBoy Shirt Stays

FancyBoy & Company is pleased to introduce our new Signature Shirt Stays. A modern take on a classic accessory, shirt stays are the simple solution to keeping your shirt tucked in and looking neat all day. 

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure it's a good one. Whether it's for a day in the office, a fun night out or a special event you can be confident you look your best. 

Most guys struggle with the constant tucking and awkward retucking that goes along with wearing a button down shirt. Something as simple as sitting in a chair, reaching for something up high or getting out of a car is enough to mess up your shirt. That pressed, crisp shirt turns into a baggy blouse in an instant and is a struggle throughout the day. This is where Shirt Stays come in...


Shirt Stays attach from your shirt to your socks and keep your shirt pulled down and looking great.They're worn under your slacks and no one will know your secret to looking so well put together! We've chosen a premium soft elastic that is comfortable to wear and stretches to move with you throughout the day.

Shirt Stays hold with soft grips that easily attach. We spent a lot of time to find the perfect grips that hold securely and wont fall off while you're wearing them.

Our Premium Signature Shirt Stays are one size fits all and adjustable. Some guys will find they like to wear them tight for that pressed, freshly ironed look while others will prefer a more relaxed fit. Try them out and find out what feels most comfortable to you!

For our initial run we'll be releasing 3 great designs. Classic, colorful and uniquely FANCY! Let us know what you like, what you'd like to see and we'll be releasing new designs.