Premium shirt stays


We’re just average.

Average dudes who want to succeed.

We may care about style, or we may not.

We may be on track to become the next _____, or we may not.

But we are all out to achieve something in life.

And in moments that get us to the next step, the moments that matter,
those are the times when we need to simply have it together.

And sometimes that’s a simple as keeping our damn shirts tucked in.



Shirt stays have been around in some form or fashion for around 100 years. They're been primarily used by police, military and fashionable men in the know. Now we're taking a classic menswear accessory, updating it with premium materials, designs and construction so we can bring them to guys everywhere. 

I was never the greatest looking guy coming out of school, but I can tell you for certain I was one of the hardest working. When I dug my old shirt stays out of the closet, I started getting noticed and heard. Maybe it was my appearance, but part of me knows it’s the confidence I had when wearing them. It’s been my mission since then to make a better working shirt stay, one that anyone can use when they need to look their best. I didn’t invent shirt stays, but I’ve worked hard for years to make them better.

- Tom, Founder

Premium shirt stays
Premium shirt stays



“I spent 10 years in the military and have used hundreds of shirt stays. The FancyBoy shirt stays were by far and away the best set I have ever had.”

Ryan H.

“I wish my dad had told me about these long ago. Now when I suit up my shirt stays in place, very neat! No more having to tuck in my shirt! Very cool!”


“These are amazing. I'm 5'11" and ~300lbs so I have a constant issue of shirts being too short and always puffing out... or so I thought. Turns out I just needed some of these.”

B. Flemming

FancyBoy Premium Shirt Stays